Audience data when you need it.
Anytime and anywhere.

Accurate, actionable and accessible data and data intelligence is the critical ingredient of data driven marketing. WhoToo combines data from a diverse universe of sources, including both consumer and business information, and delivers it to marketers where they need it the most – at the point of execution.

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Data driven mobile marketing.
Market in the present.

To date, data driven email and mobile messaging has been stuck in the past. As in past behaviors, purchases or actions drive all decisions about targeting and personalization. WhoToo let’s you market in the present. Location and proximity based data sets and our proprietary “open-time” targeting solution lets you put relevant, personalized communications, literally in the palm of your customer's hand.

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Get in the cloud
Put your data to work with WhoToo.

WhoToo works with market leading consumer and business-to-business data providers. Our proprietary approaches to enabling data for use in online mediums allows data owners to create greater distribution while at the same time protecting the privacy of end users. WhoToo offers a speed to market advantage by delivering your data to the right place, at the right time.

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WhoToo's data at a glance.


Audience Profiles


Targetable Attributes


Business Professionals


  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Social
  • Geo and Location
  • Behavioral
  • Intent


  • Functional Area
  • Authority
  • Company Information
  • Industry
  • Geo and Location
  • IP and Domain